Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Enbridge Inc. - ENB.t

Enbridge Inc. - ENB.t transports and delivers energy through pipeline networks across the continent.

Enbridge operates the world's longest and most sophisticated crude oil and liquids transportation system, shipping more than 2 million barrels of crude oil and billions of cubic feet of natural gas daily.

On October 18, 2017 the media reported News

The Globe and Mail reports in its Wednesday, Oct. 18, edition that sheriffs turned up at the downtown Vancouver offices of environment group on Tuesday to seek about $14,000 in unpaid court costs on behalf of Enbridge, but within hours, the company backed off. The Globe's Ian Bailey writes that Enbridge did not explain the swift turnaround. campaign director Karen Mahon said there probably was not enough value in the second-hand furniture, including items from her house, and other goods in the three-room office suite to pay that bill. Ms. Mahon said two sheriffs photographed the offices and had her sign an undertaking of responsibility for any items removed by the time they returned with a truck and movers to take everything. The dispute emerged from a lawsuit filed by against the National Energy Board alleging a lack of public consultation over the Line 9 pipeline. In 2014, Enbridge was awarded court costs (note as intervenor). On a point of principle, declined to pay the costs. That decision came back to haunt the group on Tuesday as it was presented with a writ of seizure and sale to produce a total of $14,559.19.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bombardier Inc - BBD-b.t

Bombardier Inc - BBD-b.t is a global transportation company with 80 production and engineering sites in 26 countries, and a worldwide network of service centers that operate two industry-leading businesses; Aerospace and Rail transportation.

Everywhere people travel by land and in the air, a Bombardier product is ready to transport them.

On October 17, 2017 the media released News

The Globe and Mail reports in its Tuesday edition that Bombardier has struck an agreement to sell control of its marquee C Series airliner program to Europe's Airbus Group SE. The Globe's Nicolas Van Praet writes that the bet is that handing the keys to a global giant will ensure the Canadian plane maker's future in the face of relentless competition and punishingly high tariffs imposed by the United States. The C Series' development at a cost of $6-billion (U.S.) drove Bombardier to the brink of bankruptcy in 2015 before Quebec handed the company a lifeline by investing $1-billion (U.S.) in the plane. Quebec supports the transaction with Airbus, calling it the best solution to protect and create jobs in a sector vital to the province's economy. Bombardier backer, the Caisse pension fund, also supports the tie-up. Ottawa has offered a preliminary endorsement of the transaction, saying it would require review under federal investment law.
"[This deal] brings certainty to the future of the program," Bombardier chief executive officer Alain Bellemare said Monday after the announcement. The deal is an acknowledgment that the company could not go it alone in the passenger global airline business.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Astronomers find the cosmic source of gold, silver, heavy metals

130 million years ago, the ultra-dense cores of two dead stars collided. The first evidence of the cataclysmic collision were gravitational waves. They reached Earth on August 17th. As astronomers targeted their source, they turned up a trove of riches. It is explaining, among other things, the source of such precious metals as silver, gold and platinum.

This is the first direct sighting of a collision between two neutron stars. The corpses of these stars are spectacularly dense. A single teaspoon of material would carry a mass that on Earth would weigh roughly one billion tons.
Churning debris produced in the afterglow of the collision included newly created gold, silver and platinum. There was also a smattering of other heavy elements, including uranium.

Until now, the birthplace of such elements had been theory. The extreme conditions produced in the collision forged heavier elements than the parent stars had hosted.
The actual smashup now appears to have taken place 130 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Hydra. The afterglow revealed the birth of elements.

As the collision spurted neutron-rich material into space, a variety of heavy elements formed through a chain of nuclear reactions known as the “r-process.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Golden Triangle - Revisited

The 'Golden Triangle' in northern British Columbia is in the midst of a major rush, both retail money and staking.

A Golden Triangle claim/promotion has made market darlings out of a score of TSX Venture companies.
Leading the charge has been GT Gold (GTT.v) with a more than 600% gain inside of three months on the back of just a single round of drill results. Most mouthwatering was a spectacular 51.53 g/t Au (1.5 oz/ton) and 117.38 g/t Ag over 6.95 metres (22.80 feet).

Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v) is drilling near the Eskay Creek camp at its 100% owned E&L project. For those willing to roll the bones on 'visual results' we have 176 meters of 'nickel-copper sulphide mineralization'. Paper rocked and rolled on Friday to $3.57 +0.88 with more wonderful 'visual results'. Assays are STILL pending. (first 'visuals' were Sept 1, 2017)
Metallis Resources (MTS.v) is currently drilling the Cliff porphyry target at its 100% owned Kirkham property. Metallis has reported that initial examination of drill core intersected mineralized monzonite throughout. Core has been split and sent to the assay lab. Last at $1.35 -0.14, paper was a dime two months ago.

Aben Resources (ABN.v) recently expanded its 2017 drill program and reported assay results from what it noted was 'several intersections of discrete zones' of massive quartz veins and quartz-sulphide vein breccias, both of which have been associated with high grade gold mineralization in the region. 10m of 6.7 g/t Au, 0.9% Cu, apparently that doesn't impress near as much as 'visual results'. $0.215 -0.01

Simple fact here is that 'winter is coming' in the area. The exploration window is quickly closing, meaning results will dry up for the better part of six months. Given the massively expanded market caps in evidence, one best tread carefully. The tried and true 'buy on rumor, sell on news' has extreme relevance for retail investors.
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