Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tahoe Resources Inc. - THO.t

Tahoe Resources Inc. - THO.t operates the Escobal project, a high-grade silver discovery located about 70 km southeast of Guatemala City, the La Arena and Shahuindo gold mines in Peru and the Timmins West and Bell Creek gold mines in Canada.
On February 12, 2018 the company released News

Tahoe Resources Inc. reports a commissioning incident at its Shahuindo mine in Peru. At 1:30am on Saturday, February 10th, a leak was identified in the barren solution pipeline in the overland conveyer containment channel that connects to the agglomeration areas storage tank. The pipeline had been commissioned and pressure tested, but was not yet in operation. Upon identification of the leak, the Company immediately shut down all commissioning of the crushing and agglomeration circuit, focused on containment, and reported the incident to the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Control (OEFA) within the required 24-hour period. All commissioning of the crushing and agglomeration circuit has been temporarily suspended until a thorough investigation is completed, the issue is resolved and the pipeline is fully repaired. At this time, the Company does not anticipate a significant impact to production.
Peru's official environmental control body, the OEFA, two weeks ago reported that a serious pollution incident occurred at the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) Shahuindo mine in Peru. According to the report, a sedimentation pool became inundated with water due to a failure of the water diversion canal during the current rainy period. The material from the pool (a highly toxic mix) reached and has contaminated the local Condebamba River.