Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Golden Guns: Mexican 'narco bling' weaponry

In Mexico the top crime lords show off their ill-gotten wealth with guns.

These are the gaudy weapons found by security services in Mexico.
A gleaming display of weaponry reveals the extravagant lifestyles of Mexican drug barons. The confiscated weapons include high-precision rifles lavishly decorated with gold, jewels and even religious symbols. They star in a Mexican military museum.
The museum contains gold-plated AK-47’s, rocket launchers and even a bullet-proof leather jacket. The museum is private and was opened in 1985 by the military to educate soldiers about the culture of the drug cartels.

Police in Mexico raided a basement in 2013 finding 31 diamond-studded guns, presumably belonging to a drug cartel boss, according to the attorney general's office.

Officers in western Jalisco found gold and silver plated handguns of varying caliber studded with diamonds and engraved with the name 'Lobo Valencia". The basement in Zapopan also yielded four rifles.

Valencia is the right-hand man of Joaquin Guzman.