Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Porsche 911 Turbo S

The numbers for the 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo S speak for themselves. Zero to 60mph in 2.9 seconds to a top speed of 205 mph. 572bhp with 553lb ft of torque, with the twin-turbo 3.8-litre flat six connected to a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic, taking power to all four wheels.
To reduce the effect of turbocharger lag and provide what Porsche describes as sharper throttle response, the new 911 Turbo S features a so-called dynamic boost function.

It maintains the boost pressure, with the throttle valve remaining open and power interrupted by cutting the fuel injection on a trailing throttle.
The 911 Turbo S starts at £145,773 for the coupe, rising to £154,614 for the cabriolet.