Friday, December 16, 2016

TransCanada Corporation - TRP.t

TransCanada Corporation - TRP.t is principally comprised of natural gas pipelines in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The company is also the general partner of TC PipeLines, LP, a limited partnership that owns interests in U.S. pipelines.

The Keystone pipeline draws on extensive pipelines experience and offers an efficient way to maximize the value of current pipeline assets.

On Decemebr 12, 2016 the media reported News

The Globe and Mail reports in its Wednesday edition that the new Team Trump is being greeted with glee in some quarters of Canada's oil patch. The Globe's Jeffrey Jones writes that the chief executive officer of Exxon has been named as secretary of state, the former governor of Texas as energy secretary and one of the harshest foes of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will probably lead it. Others will question what the long-term costs will be of a pushback on years of social and environmental progress as well as international co-operation. This is especially true as Canada moves ahead with trying to square the concepts of environmental improvements and increasing energy trade. TransCanada's $8-billion (U.S.) Keystone XL pipeline looks to be rising from its deathbed as president-elect Donald Trump pledges to approve it.