Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rust bucket Land Rover on sale for £200,000

It may look like a rusted hunk of metal that should be consigned to the scrap yard, but this Land Rover is currently on sale for a staggering £200,000. Production of the Land Rover Defender came to an end last week, almost 70 years after the first was built.

And to mark that poignant ending, fans of the British workhorses can get their hands on the first one ever to roll off the production line. But it won't come cheap.
The current owner commented ... "Land Rovers were all petrols until 1957 when they started building diesel models. Five prototypes built in 1956 and this vehicle was the first ever production of the Diesel 88-inch"

"Last week the last Land Rover diesel rolled off the production line and this was the first. In 1982 it came to the end of its working life and was just left in a field for 20 years. I bought it in the early 2000s and put it in storage where it has remained ever since."