Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tahoe's 'La Arena' blockaded - Zero News

Mark Turner at IncaKola is reporting that Tahoe Resources (THO.t) 'La Arena' mine in Peru has been blockaded. "Since yesterday, residents in the La Arena area have closed down operations at the mining company in the vicinity due to their opposition to the firing of the mine manager, the engineer Mariano Yupanqui Rada ... opposition to the decision taken unilaterally by upper management at Tahoe Peru. He said that since Rio Alto was sold to Tahoe Peru they had seen many labour abuses and unjust redundancies. He said, "If the company ignores us, we will continue with this blockade and then as from August 31st the union workers at the mine will go on indefinite strike in order to defend our rights".
And the major league mismangement issues continue unabated with 'Cadillac' Kev (Kevin McArthur) and his 'team' of underachievers at Tahoe.

This company is bleeding red ink as it is with the shuttering of Escobal. Real issue right this second is why this greatly material news is not, and has not been, released by 'Cadillac' Kev.
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