Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Africa's richest woman Isabel dos Santos loses diamond exploration licenses

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos has seen her diamond exploration licenses taken from her. According to a report by Reuters, the president of state diamond company Endiama, José Manuel Ganga Júnior, told a group of investors during a closed door meeting last month that the licenses have expired and are now available for new exploration partners. The licenses previously owned by dos Santos are the Camafuca-Camazambo and Chiri licenses located in the northeastern diamond producing provinces of Lunda Note.

Known as the "princess", she is the symbol of nepotism.
Dos Santos denied embezzlement when running the state-owned oil company Sonangol. On February 28, the new CEO of the company, Carlos Saturnino, denounced the mismanagement of his predecessor and pointed to a transfer of $ 38 million to a Dubai-based company. Banco BIC, a bank in which dos Santos is a director and significant shareholder, executed the transfer.

She denounced a crusade, encouraged by the opposition parties, with the aim of "dirtying her name".
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